Taco Salad

Okay, so I realize that this isn’t the most gourmet of recipes.

Disclaimer: If you saw the size of my kitchen, you’d know that gourmet isn’t much of a possibility around here. I’m a single girl who loves simple, healthy, tasty food. The less dishes to wash the better.

But this particular dish is a regular in these parts. In no small way due to my love of Mexican food. Which brings me to birthday tacos. You know how as a kid, your parents always made your favorite meal for you on your birthday? Well, my sister and I are two weeks apart (technically stepsisters; it’s always awkward trying to explain that one at first) and we both LOVED tacos. And therein, birthday tacos were born. The tradition lingers to this day as evidenced by the beautiful Jessie.

Alas, tacos are not practical in my daily life – especially with the homemade shells straight from Detroit’s Mexican Village hot off the frying pan. Then there’s the cheese and the sour cream… a vegan nightmare.

So I’ve adapted my love of birthday tacos and everything Mexican into this little salad that’s all at once crunchy and sweet and salty and creamy and spicy. Yum!

INGREDIENTS (serves 1 as a main dish)

romaine lettuce, as much as your heart desires

1 c black beans (I always cook up a big stash from dried beans, but you can also use canned)

2-3 T Tofutti sour cream or homemade tofu sour cream

6 dashes Tabasco, to taste (or salsa if you prefer)

1 c grape tomatoes, more or less as you choose

1/3 c green olives**

**Note: obviously add your favorite taco toppings, these just happen to be mine


In a large bowl, top lettuce with beans (hot or cold), Tofutti, and Tabasco. The point of adding these first is that they mix well together to form the “dressing.”

Then add tomatoes and olives, chopped or whole, as you prefer.

Mix, mix, mix until all veggies are thoroughly covered. Genius, I know. But so easy and delish, I promise!

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