Garlic Broccoli

Broccoli is one of my very favorite vegetables. For the record, I can’t stand mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, or squash. So many menus focus on these four “meaty” ingredients that I’m tempted to start an awareness campaign for all culinary artists that vegetarians don’t necessarily want a carnivorous replacement; rather a delicious, well-balanced meal. I digress. Broccoli…

It seems like everyone has their own list of superfoods* – and broccoli is on all of them. Garlic often makes an appearance too. Which is only part of why I love this simple recipe. Broccoli is a big detoxifier, cholesterol reducer, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammator (I might have just made up that word, but you get the idea). It helps with digestive and cardiovascular support; benefits eye, bone, and skin health; and is rich in fiber, folic acid, and vitamins A, K, C, and potassium. Aside from warding off vampires,** garlic is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, and a source of manganese, selenium, and vitamins B6 and C. Garlic also helps metabolize iron. Together, broccoli and garlic are a cancer-fighting machine. Not to mention it’s delicious and adds a gourmet touch with very little effort.

INGREDIENTS (serves 1-2 as a side)

1 T extra virgin olive oil

1 medium broccoli crown, or 10-15 florets

3 cloves garlic

1 t salt, to taste

1/8 c water


Thinly slice and/or press garlic (depending on your preference; I like a mix of each). Cut each stalk of broccoli in half/thirds/quarters so there is a flat edge on most.

Heat olive oil on medium high. Add broccoli (flat side down) and garlic to pan. Sprinkle with salt.

Allow to cook for approx 5 minutes until the broccoli blackens. Then toss and let cook for a few more minutes.

Toss again and pour in water to simmer/steam (cover if you like) .

Stir occasionally. Once water has steamed off, serve on a side plate.

Hint: It also makes a wonderful addition to quinoa!! Superfoods galore!

*Most superfoods are vegan/vegetarian, by the way. Coincidence?

**Lemon reduces the “garlic breath” factor. Try a ginger lemon honey to cleanse the palate after your meal.

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