Let’s just cut to the chase. Why am I a vegetarian?

So the story goes, I sat down to dinner one night around the age of three and declared that I would no longer be eating meat. A phase, they thought. Fine then. But several (ahem) decades later I relish a nearly vegan palate.

Personally, I credit Bambi. Growing up in Michigan, I distinctly remember asking my mom, in a state of shock and horror, why the hunters killed Bambi’s mother. Her response hit a little too close to home. To eat her. Flash to all the deer I witnessed strapped to the trunks and roofs of cars driving home from northern Michigan on autumn weekends. No thank you. Done.


My grandmother was convinced that I wouldn’t get enough protein for my brain to develop properly. And unquestionably it is very important to eat well-rounded meals, but I’ve learned that a vegetarian diet can easily be balanced with some wise decisions.

But for me, vegetarianism goes beyond food choices, it’s about a lifestyle. A lifestyle of appreciating and caring for the world around us. Of exploring all corners of the earth, respecting diverse opinions, relishing new experiences, treating all things with kindness, and living simply and elegantly.

This site is my attempt to share resources and connect with people who hold similar values. I’m by no means an expert, but I’m learning more every day.


Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.