Escape now. The world is waiting, and it is exquisite.

Find great international flight deals on vayama. For domestic flights, check expedia and kayak (includes “lower fare” carriers). A tip: once you find the best fare, book directly through the airline’s website. These fares tend to be the same or less and provide more security in the case of canceled flights, rebookings, etc.

Traveling alone? Read my entry, Simple Tips for the Single Globe Trekker. Good general travel tips too. Like bring sleeping pills!!


The India Diaries Part VI: Varanasi to Agra – Famous at the Taj.

The India Diaries Part V: Varkala to Varanasi – Chaos and culture.

The India Diaries Part IV: Kollam to Varkala – Cooking (and chilling) cliffside.

The India Diaries Part III: Palolem to Kollam – Kerala backwaters; the Venice of the East.

The India Diaries Part II: Panaji to Palolem – Beach time in Goa!!

The India Diaries Part I: Mumbai to Panaji – Straight from my journal, reflections on the trip of a lifetime.

One of Those Days – Walking the Golden Gate Bridge? Check.

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